Rabbit Raw Patties for Cats

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1.36 KGS


Bold Rabbit for Cats is a tasty and nutritious raw cat food, offering a low glycemic and low carbohydrate option that models the natural prey diet of a cat.

Our meat passes strict safety inspections for human consumption and is only sourced from government-inspected facilities that meet these same safety standards. All of our meats are antibiotic and hormone free and come from local Canadian farms.

Bold Rabbit for Cats contains:

  • Finely ground whole rabbit with bone
  • Rabbit liver and heart


Moisture 71.37%
Protein 16.12%
Calcium 1.32%
Phosphorus 0.73%
Sodium 0.06%
Potassium 0.17%
Magnesium 0.03%
Zinc (ppm) 20.37
Copper (ppm) 0.6
Iron (ppm) 30.70
Fibre 4.08%
Fat 9.30%
Cal/100g 240
PH 6.13
kcal/100g 129

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