Smack's raw dehydrated Crunchy Style foods are dehydrated using gentle low-temperature air drying methods which retain more sensitive nutrients as compared to freezing.

All Smack five-star rated raw dehydrated foods feature a short list of the world’s best organic and conventional whole superfood ingredients that are proven highly beneficial for health and are also lip-smacking good, without any fillers, gluten, or grain.

Smack chicken diets are made from Manitoba-grown free-range chicken fed an Omega-rich, GMO-free diet. Our chicken is bone-in, with organs, raised without the use of hormones, antibiotics, drugs, or preservatives. Our wild BC pink salmon is bone-in, with organs, and is not treated with preservatives such as ethoxyquin. In fact, our wild salmon is so good, it even has the red caviar!


Crunchy Style is carefully handmade into bite-size squares that can be scooped and served like a kibble - only, it's not a kibble!  Hydration is not necessary for Crunchy Style, but warm water may be added to the food to soften into an antioxidant-rich, raw, meaty, stew!

Makes a super-healthy, lip-smacking training treat!