100% Edible, table grade ingredients, from North American Farmers

Fresh fruits and vegetables 100% of the time

No 'off shore' or Asian ingredients

No Genetically Modified Organisms

Free-range meats and wild-caught salmon

Organically Balanced™



20 years ago the founders of NRG, (a veterinarian with a Ph.D. in canine nutrition and a fellow food scientist) collaborated on a new series of diets for dogs that were Balanced for All Life Stages. These diets were made only from fresh ingredients and were frozen. These original diets were balanced using whole food ingredients. The diverse menu of ingredients met all the nutrient requirements of the dog without a vitamin premix. A world wide first, and still an NRG Exclusive.


It became apparent to NRG that frozen diets didn’t make sense in our changing world, and NRG Pet Products became the first company to offer dehydrated nutrition for pets. We built our own dehydration technology, and make diets specifically formulated for dogs from 100% edible fresh whole foods that are table grade quality, grown by North American farming families. Our North American farm direct supply ensures quality. Our dehydration process builds on this quality locking in nutrition, intensifying flavors and controlling pathogens.


NRG dehydrated foods are not only nutritionally superior they are the greener choice. Our dehydration method uses renewable energy and does not contribute to greenhouse gas. Transportation of dehydrated foods use less fuel than frozen because they are lighter. By using only fresh North American ingredients, we guarantee quality and minimize fuel consumption as opposed to purchasing overseas. Fresh ingredient choices come to us farm direct using less transportation fuel than leftovers streamed to kibble manufactures after being processed for human consumption.
Our green approach, builds value. We are the most cost effective dehydrated diets to feed, we are the only diet that is balanced without a premix. 100% truly natural nutrition. 


  • 100% bio-available Whole food nutrition
  • NOT processed by-products or meat meals Hundreds of natures complex nutrients
  • Not dozens of synthetic manufactured ones
  • When whole food nutrition is your priority NRG diets stand alone
  • Delivering 100% real food nutrition without supplementation
  • We should all eat so good

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