Grand Cru

Grand Cru



Do you wish to feed your dog 100% natural nutrition? CaniSource Grand Cru is made with the same ingredients found in your own nutrition. Our formulas are made of raw meat, raw fish and other fresh food, dehydrated at low temperature. This unique fabrication process preserves most of the recognized benefits of raw food, serving them in handy kibbles. We never use slaughterhouse rejects or by-products, meat meal or fishmeal.

In just 4 weeks, you should see the first positive effects of CaniSource Grand Cru on your dog: improved digestion, a shinier and silkier coat, cleaner teeth, increased joint mobility…


CaniSource Grand Cru  formulas are carefully designed by nutritionists and prepared by hand by our cooks. From the initial selection of ingredients to dehydration, we double-check even the smallest details to ensure perfect, unblemished quality!

Well-balanced formulas for complete nutrition!

Our canine and feline nutritionists team up with our cooks to create balanced and tasty recipes to satisfy all of your pets nutrient needs, as per the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).


Core foundation of our formulas: we carefully select fresh and nutritious ingredients, quite naturally!

  • 100 % of our ingredients are approved for human consumption
  • Our formulas never use meat meal, fishmeal, slaughterhouse rejects or by-products, food colouring, synthetic preservatives, wheat, soy or corn
  • All our meats are carefully selected and sourced from HACCP-certified food plants.

The ingredients are minced, mixed, and shaped into kibbles

The meat, fresh fruits and vegetables are then chopped down to a fine texture. They are then mixed with dry ingredients such as spices and cereals. The resulting mixture is then cut into small sections to form the kibbles.

Low temperature dehydration of the raw ingredients

The low temperature dehydration process of kibbles takes place over several hours. This dehydration time is essential for the destruction of pathogenic bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella. Instead of submitting the product to high heat, we expose it to low temperature for a prolonged period of time. This unique process protects the good taste of our food along with its vitamins, while ensuring chemical-free preservation.

Moisture level in our dehydrated kibbles is a mere 2 to 5%. This is lower than regular dry pet food, which contains between 8 and 12% humidity. This prevents the proliferation of bacteria and microorganisms responsible for infections, food poisoning and digestive problems.

Quality control, packaging and shipping!

Our manufacturing plant is submitted to the same exacting standards as its human counterpart. We retain the services of an independent laboratory to run our quality assurance tests and ensure unbiased results.

Simpler than home-made food!

We prepare CaniSource Grand Cru kibbles the way you would prepare your own meal, with great care. Once you get your first box, please consult our feeding guidelines and reduce your pet's ration accordingly.