VALENS recipes are a mixture of fresh de-boned meat inclusion kibble, combined with inclusions of pure freeze-dried beef liver, chicken, salmon or cod corresponding with the first meat inclusions in the kibble that we call VITA-CUBE


The nutrition and palatability of our VALENS line of products with VITA-CUBE results in an unsurpassed line of pet foods that provide a rich nutritional flavours and aroma that your pet will love.

Most significantly as to what makes our VITA-CUBE so special is that the freeze-drying the cubes lock in their nutrients and are made and based on the same human grade fresh de-boned meats. In producing the VITA-CUBE because of the gentle process of freeze-dry the nutritional value such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics and balanced Omega 3-6 fats are retained that result in real functional health benefits such as a shiny coat, healthy joints, brain function and fresh breath.

The result is VALENS with VITA-CUBE - foods that are as close as technically possible to fresh “RAW” diets – diets that retain and deliver 100% of the food’s natural nutrients, bioavailability and digestibility in a form our pets instinctively love.

We believe that our companion animal friends should be nutritionally nurtured as nature intended, and our VALENS brand of cat and dog foods that are grain-free, high fresh meat inclusion diets, fortified with cubes of freeze-dried natural red meats, poultry or fish, does just that in the provision of diets that reflects the ancestral dietary balance your pet requires.

In part, our innovation exists in our use of high levels of fresh, deboned, never-frozen meats as the primary ingredients, which are fortified with 100% pure freeze-dried meat bites. Our meat selections are combined with non-grain sources of carbohydrates and preferred fruits and vegetables, in balance with the necessary vitamins, minerals and super foods, to produce one of the most palatable, nutritionally balanced pet foods available today.

We are dedicated to being sustainable in manner that supports the environment, the quality of our products, and the viability of our business and those that depend on us.

Our pledge is to deliver what every Fluffy Friend deserves and needs nutritionally in our VALENS brand to promote a long, active and healthy life.