Cats In The Kitchen

Cats In The Kitchen


The kitchen is so often the heart of the home. It is where our family gathers for meals, where we have our game night, where family bonds grow. We eat there, we laugh there — we feed our pets there. The inspiration for these delectable selections come from feeding our precious Cats in the Kitchen. Bring your cats to the heart of your home and share these savory cuts that are all fit for your kitchen carnivores.

Every amazing, nutritious flavour of Cats in the Kitchen Grain-Free Recipes features quality ingredients, including prime cuts of human grade meat, like chicken, beef, lamb, and turkey, and fresh caught fish like tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel, and ocean fish. These ingredients all combine to give your Fluffy Friend the high protein, low carb diet they need to thrive.

These stylish and delicious recipes are all grain-free, carrageenan free, and starch free. This means they're species appropriate, with none of the grains, potatoes, peas, or other fillers found in conventional cat foods. The shredded texture with gravy is irresistible to your cat and the unique flavors are ideal for rotational feeding. Plus, the high moisture content will help keep your cat hydrated and healthy.